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Kostis concept lighting
Kostis concept lighting
kostis concept
Our company since 1967 produces lighting fixtures and offers
lighting solutions for every space,
while providing the possibility of manufacturing
special lighting applications at the best prices on the market

Lighting fixtures by kostis concept lighting

We prepare lighting studies by a specialized lighting designer using the latest generation of metering software and 3D imaging. We design, implement and manufacture lighting fixtures to order in collaboration with architects and decorators for hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops in Greece and abroad.


Our range includes modern and classic lamps, as well as chandeliers with different qualities of crystals, such as swarovski, asfour and others.

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Our company is ISO certified. See our


Customized Lighting Design
& Manufacturing

The lighting company KOSTIS Concept Lighting is an ally and partner in every project, giving great importance to the special constructions of luminaires.

With half a century of experience in the construction of lighting fixtures, it provides solutions to architects and decorators who want to design custom lighting fixtures and metal structures. In this way, architects can get away from the trap of identical lighting fixtures, implementing what they have been inspired by. The possibilities of metal construction are almost unlimited and the portfolio of projects in Greece and abroad is a guarantee for the quality of our work.

Our designers, in collaboration with the designers, collaborate on the plans for the optimal implementation of each project. We manufacture very large luminaires for patios and lobbies of hotels as well as metal furniture made of bronze or steel, in any color.

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Get inspired and create your spaces as you imagine them. Kostislighting is for all of you who are passionate and looking for many ideas and solutions.

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